Poverello is part of the Food is Medicine Coalition. Begun in 2011 through MAC AIDS Fund/God’s Love We Deliver collaboration, the coalition exists to move nutrition to the forefront of our nation’s health debate.

We at Poverello host Food is Medicine Coalition initiatives in South Florida.


God’s Love We Deliver Website on Food is Medicine

A volunteer association of nonprofit, medically-tailored food and nutrition services (FNS) providers from across the country for the purpose of advancing public policy that supports access to food and nutrition services for people with severe and/or chronic illnesses, promoting research on the efficacy of food and nutrition services on health outcomes and cost of care and sharing best practices in the provision of medically tailored meals and of nutrition education and counseling.

What are food and nutrition services (FNS)?
Food and nutrition services include medical nutritional therapy (MNT) and the tailored food that accompanies it. MNT covers nutritional diagnostic, therapy, and counseling services focused on prevention, delay or management of diseases and conditions, and involves an in-depth assessment, periodic reassessment and intervention provided by a licensed, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) outside of a primary care visit. Medically tailored food encompass home-delivered meals, congregate meals, grocery bags, food pantries and vouchers that complement and are necessary to the fulfillment of MNT.

Our Policy Goals:
• First, we are committed to ensuring and expanding access to food and nutrition programs for people living with HIV through the Ryan White Treatment and Modernization Act.
• Second, we are working hard to incorporate food and nutrition services (FNS) for people with severe illness in the major programs of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Did you know?
An ongoing barrier to feeding people who are food insecure and chronically and/or critically-ill is that there is no dedicated stream of public funding for meals for this population, unless a client has HIV. That funding source, the Ryan White Treatment and Modernization Act, does not support all of those with HIV. If a person has any other debilitating illness, from kidney disease to cardiovascular disease to cancer, there are only our agencies in FIMC, to help them. This fact is particularly critical for persons between the ages of 18 and 60 who are ineligible for existing, though not medically tailored, food and meal program assistance designed for seniors and children. FIMC agencies raise the majority of their funds privately.Despite the sweeping healthcare reform that many states enacted through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), access to comprehensive food and nutrition remains uncovered by Medicaid and most insurance programs in Florida.

The FIMC National Advocacy Committee Co-Chairs
Karen Pearl, President & CEO, God’s Love We Deliver
Alissa Wassung, Director of Policy & Planning, God’s Love We Deliver, awassung@glwd.org

God’s Love We Deliver mobilizes and educates FNS programs around the maintenance of Ryan White and opportunities for coverage for our unique services in the ACA via monthly National Advocacy Committee calls. The calls and webinars focus on deepening all members’ understanding of federal legislation related to FNS.

FIMC Subcommittees
Research Committee Co-Chairs
Jean Terranova, Director of Food and Health Policy at Community Servings in Boston, MA: jterranova@servings.org
Rachael Raab, Grants & Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Project Angel Heart, Denver, CO: rraab@projectangelheart.org

Communications Committee Co-Chairs
Tammy Reasoner, Director of Community Partnerships, Open Hand Atlanta, Atlanta, GA: treasoner@projectopenhand.org
Emmet Findley, Manager of Communications, God’s Love We Deliver: efindley@glwd.org

Clinical Committee (Registered Dietitian Nutritionists) Co-Chairs
Lisa Zullig, Director of Nutrition Services, MS, RDN, CSG, CDN, God’s Love We Deliver, lzullig@glwd.org
Kim Madsen, Director of Nutrition Services, MEd, RD, Project Open Hand, kmadsen@openhand.org

The Advocacy Capacity Building Project is our national advocacy training program, consisting of a Technical Assistance Program and culminates in a National Symposium each year in September in Washington, D.C.

God’s Love offers at least two FNS-focused advocacy webinars per year. Information about these webinars is disseminated through our FIMC listserv.

Through the FIMC listserv, we disseminate e-alerts and sign-on letters, research and articles of interest. Through these avenues, we also provide information about Ryan White, ACA, and state efforts, and share research and advocacy approaches that programs can replicate.

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The South Florida Gay News Best of 2018 voting is now open. Please take a moment to vote for Poverello for following categories:
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The holiday food drive is quickly approaching. If you are interested in hosting a food drive, please email info @poverello.org

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Dine with us at California Pizza Kitchen this Thursday, September 20, 2018, from 11:00am-10:00pm. Please tell your server or cashier that you are supporting Poverello and 20% of each check will help provide health and nutritional... https://t.co/0fRIx5Uxan
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Bowling to Fight Hunger to benefit Poverello https://t.co/iFPBBWF1bu