The Poverello Center, Inc., was originally founded in 1988 by Father Bill Collins to feed people who at the time were dying in large numbers from complications from AIDS. Today, Poverello continues providing food as medicine to people with HIV who are living with the virus as a chronic condition, but also provides food as medicine to people with Cardiac and Kidney problems as well as those with glycemic disorders, Cancer or other Critical/Chronic illnesses. Each year nearly 3000 poor families come to the Poverello Center, Inc. to select medically appropriate grocery items from our specialized menus.

As one of the only consumer choice, medically tailored grocery pantry's in the country, Poverello also makes available without charge, medical nutrition therapy, wellness services and linkage into care services for people who have fallen out of primary medical care.

At our Live Well Center, Any person with HIV in the community may access our full service gym, chiropractic services, acupuncture or massage free of charge. The idea is to provide a safe, accepting place for people to receive support and health services. Persons in the community who have clothing or household item needs and receive services from us are provided for from items donated by the community to our thrift store. 

Food is Medicine Food is Medicine

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Your donations to Poverello's Thrift Store have a direct impact on our ability to provide food, nutrition and wellness to local residents living with HIV/AIDS.


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Poverello fights the problem of poor nutrition for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Click on the image above to watch a short video.

Poverello's Community Investors

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